An inspiring new social media network, Zugme’s Topic @ City structure is an ideal platform for any modern day hitchhiker! Their site now allows you to upload and group travel information by city, to promote local tourist destinations across the globe with audio, video, text and photography functions.

Zugme is certainly helping to close the gap between digital and real life in an explosion of audio-visual colour. They make it easy for scene purveyors, travellers and locals to congregate and discuss travel topics. Full Youtube and Vimeo integration does the hard work for you, while their multimedia comment functions allow you to contribute to the discussion with your own special take, simultaneously sharing your experiences with the outside world.

What’s more, their iFollow and myPeople functions allow travel industry professionals to communicate directly with their fan base, orchestrating a well-planned method of attack on the senses, and offering a crucial and protected space for likeminded users to engage with one another.

Plenty of travel tastemakers have already caught onto Zugme. Sign up and join in today, and don’t forget to follow Zugme on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

There are many means by which a customer gets to know about the products and services available in the market, either through the paid advertisements or through other people. It is more believable when you hear good feedbacks on particular services and products from someone you know rather than an unknown person urging you to go for it. And most of the times you get the right feedbacks only. Thus if you get positive feedbacks from most of the people who have used the product or the service in question then you can be rest assured about its quality.

Powered by the People

The Powered by the People is a network of contractors for different types of home services like home remodeling, painting, carpet cleaning, plumbing etc. It has been in the business since 2010 and has been functioning on a recommendation basis of its existing clients. The existing clientele of the company refers its services to people they know and that is how the word is being spread. It has built a huge client base and the customers who have once opted for the services have come back again to use the network.

Get best home contractors and engineers

Powered by the People brings together the best home contractors and engineers from across the country under its umbrella. So you do not have to search up the internet, to get the best services around your area. The Company connects you with the highly skilled and experienced professionals so that you get the best services. Whether you need to remodel your bathroom or kitchen or add to your home the Powered by the People has the most efficient engineers for you. At the Powered by the People it is understood that different individual has different requirements and it is first necessary to understand properly what those requirements before going about it are.

The contractors have experience not only in the construction of residential buildings but commercial buildings as well. No matter what is the size of the job, Powered By The People can provide you with professionals who can do it with ease and proficiency. Not only home remodeling but the Powered by the People can even help you find the right professionals for repair or installation of your air conditioners or room heaters. They are just a call away, so as soon as you give them a call, they would fix an appointment at a time that is the most convenient for you.

Virus attacks are major let downs in a person’s life. Be the attack on their body or their computer system, it is almost like the period of distress with no end.

These days, however, viruses in computers tend to trouble more beings than viruses in their bodies ever could. Running an anti-virus check is tougher than swallowing a dozen medicines all at once to cause the virus in the body to not affect your health adversely.

Computer viruses are malicious software programs coded by certain users having unfair intentions. They may or may not benefit from the same but the trouble they cause to others, they believe is worth it all. Most of these viruses are so designed to duplicate or replicate themselves and coz large scale damage to data or files stored on the system affected. Certain viruses are designed to hack into the information stored in the computer or to trace every action of the computer user to use it to their benefit later. These actions involve the process of inputting a password. Most common viruses tend to exist in exe. file extensions or as data files. Any virus once launched in your computer will spread, like the real virus does.

Spreading of such harmful viruses can lead to minor errors in the functioning of the system and at times even crashing of the operating system or the entire processing going haywire. Such viruses get tough to manage once they are left to replicate themselves onto a system. Hard drives may be swept of all data and other files may be damaged or entirely destroyed.

What are worms?

As much as I wished these worms too were the harmless creepy animals we all hated at some point in our lives or the other, I am much disappointed to say these are not those tube like living beings. Ask a kid who love technology, the first definition you’ll get of a worm would be a work you never knew while you’ll anticipate a worm they hardly know. Computer worms are similar to viruses, besides the fact that they have no requirement of a host program to function. Worms are quick replicating and millions or trillions of copies can affect your computer in the matter of a few second. Worms usually replicate themselves till there is an overload of bandwidth and then they destroy certain files and data stored in the computer and often effect system files too. Worms can also be responsible for your system crashing as at times they are designed to send emails to all your contacts so that the network traffic gets jammed and the system has little else to do than crash or hang.

Trojan Explained

Trojans are not like viruses or worms. Not for your computer at least. Trojans do not self- replicate. Most Trojans attack your computer when you least suspect it of being vulnerable to virus attacks. Trojans are often packaged as a software you will never be apprehensive of downloading and installing. Trojan basically happened to come in safe packaging. Certain Trojans might trace all your actions and give information of it to the hacker or attacker; others might destroy or damage a lot of files or your system. Some might even cause the system to malfunction whereas there will still be a few that are entirely harmless for your system.

Trojans are mostly considered as dangerous or risky as certain types of Trojans might give the hacker access to information such as your bank account details, your credit card number and passwords as well as other confidential data you can hardly afford losing or leaking.

It is thus advisable to use the virtual keyboard to enter any important or confidential information or passwords in your computer as virtual keyboards face only a very small risk of tracing of actions as compared to the general keyboard.

How to identify a virus attack?

  • The speed of your system suddenly slows down.
  • Your system often displays pop-ups about errors and corrupted files.
  • Your operating system crashes or keeps rebooting for no other apparent reason.

What can be done?

Prevention is better than cure. These steps should be taken to prevent viruses:

  • Install a reputed antivirus and make sure that it is updated regularly. It will warn you of any potential harms to your computer
  • Do not attend or reply to spam mails or download attachments whose sender is unknown to you. Most of these attachments are fixed with viruses specially if they come in emails sent to a number of people.
  • Your Firewall should be turned on to prevent access of unauthorized people on your network.
  • All your important data should be backed up frequently.

Most of these simple actions will ensure that you hold no regrets later. So spend the time and money now than later. Who wants that nasty virus after all?

One World Whey is the world’s best whey protein concentrate. The unique qualities of this product begin the milk of pasture-fed cows that were specifically selected for the prevalence of large, globular protein molecules in their milk. The manufacturer searched the country and measured the protein profile and milk produced by cows to determine the ideal raw milk from which to derive the perfect whey protein.

The outstanding quality of the raw milk is maintained in the whey protein product because the milk is pasteurized without using the ultra-high temperatures employed in industrial milk production. While those ultra-high temperature methods can quickly pasteurize vast quantities of milk, they destroy the bonds of the amino acids and proteins in the milk by boiling the milk.  One World Whey protein is pasteurized below the boiling point of water (about 73 degrees Celsius) and, thereby, maintains the maximum amount of undenatured proteins from the raw milk.

The whey component of this low-temperature pasteurized milk is then extracted without the use of acids or enyzmes (like in many low quality, cheap whey proteins), further maintaining the quality of the undenatured proteins and amino acids in raw milk.  Although the process by which this is accomplished is a patented, proprietary secret, it is a safe assumption that the process involves centrifugal separation. This method causes the milk to separate into whey, casein, and cream through the use of kinetic force and, more importantly, without additional of chemical additives.

The final step in the production of One World Whey that is unique is the drying of the extracted whey into whey protein powder. Many popular brands of whey proteins use extreme heat to quickly dry their whey into powder, however, this denatures the proteins (in the same way that extreme heat in the pasteurization step affects the proteins). One World Whey uses a process which takes advantage of evaporation through the increase of the material’s surface areas through kinetic methods (i.e. tumbling) using only moderate heat. Although this method takes much longer than using extreme heat, it results in a dry whey protein powder that retain as much of the vitality of the non-denatured proteins contained in raw milk.

For these reasons, and more, One World Whey is currently the greatest pure whey protein concentrate on the market.  The protein powder has the most bioactive amino acids and other compounds per serving than any comparable whey protein in the world. Try One World Whey today!


Planning a wedding can certainly be overwhelming with tons of different elements that need to be organised all within a short space of time. One such element is your all-important wedding invitations. The first official introduction to your big day, invitations will set your guests expectations for your wedding. So to help you navigate the world of wedding invites and to ensure you make the best first impression for your big day, Giant Invitations have put together their top 5 wedding invitation guidelines.

Flower Laser Cut wedding Invitation

1. Always ask questions if you are unsure about anything and read FAQ pages when ordering your wedding invitations online. You need complete transparency on how the order process will progress before committing to anything. This means finding out how long your invites will take from design to production and determining whether it will fit within your wedding schedule. It is no good picking your ideal wedding invite only to then realise it won’t be ready with enough time to spare before your big day as such finding out turnaround times should be one of the first things you do.

2. It is essential that you understand what can and can’t be changed on your invitation before you place an order to ensure you are completely happy with the final design. As such you should know what your colour options are and if there are any additional fees that may apply for altering the design in any way. Nobody likes hidden fees especially when planning something as grand as a wedding so take it upon yourself to ensure your wedding invitation supplier has provided you with a final set quote that cannot be modified.


3. Remember that if you are working with a strict budget that you must take into consideration postage fees and we’re not talking the delivery of your invites to you. We’re referring to you sending out your invites to your guests. Stamps don’t come cheap! So remember to keep shipping in mind because this often catches a lot of brides off guard. When selecting your invitations consider the weight of the overall package you will be sending guests. For instance the weight and size of the invite including any additional wedding stationery cards (RSVP, Wishing Well, Directions etc.)

Envelope with Gold Foiled Seal Sticker

4. Do your research! For many wedding invitations will be a completely foreign concept so it is essential that you do some research to understand market prices and exactly what you are paying for. This will include learning different printing techniques. For instance did you know that thermography printing which leaves a luxurious raised ink effect similar to letterpress is the more economical choice between the two printing methods? Or did you know that more often than not printing guest names on your invites is an additional fee? Knowing what your quotes are based on will help you get the best deal for your wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation Font Styles

5. When it comes time to picking your fonts remember your guests actually need to be able to read the details. It’s no good picking the fanciest script font if it’s almost illegible. At the foundation your invitation is a card conveying vital information for your guests so they must be able to clearly read everything, the design element comes second. If you have your heart set on a particular font but fear it may be difficult to read why not use the font as an accent style for your names and then use a more basic font for the rest of the information. Having two different fonts can create an appealing styling element to the design of your wedding invite.

How many times have you accused someone of being dropped on their head when they were a baby?  While the question may be somewhat humorous when it is asked, it plays to the reality that injuries to the brain are of the most serious kind..  Given the fact that the brain is the most complex organ of the human body it is wise to know what symptoms to watch for to eliminate possible injuries, especially after an accident.

What constitutes an accident?

As one of the most complex organs, the brain can suffer trauma in several ways.  While understanding what an accident is may be easy, delineating what types of accidents can affect the brain is much more difficult.  It may even be difficult to determine if the accident caused a brain injury or if a brain injury caused the accident.  A reduction in oxygen to the brain through a reduced supply of blood can cause fainting and cause an accident.  Indeed, fainting behind the wheel of a car will lead to an accident that may result in lacerations to the head that may mask the original injuries.  To adequately evaluate an injury after an accident it is crucial for the medical personnel to have a clear picture of the events leading up to it in order to effectively triage the situation and has a decent selection of used Volkswagen cars to view online correctly diagnose/treat the patient. When attempting to ascertain the extent of injuries to the head or correctly applying treatment getting the facts is vital.

First Steps

The immediate action on the scene of an accident is always to call for help Classified Cars UK and to try not to make the situation worse.  Often with accidents the injured person wants to get up and walk around without any professional medical recommendation to do so.  In many states, a Good Samaritan can be held liable for rendering aid that results in injuries to accident victims and for this reason it is wise to listen very carefully to 911 operators and emergency personnel.  If you find yourself on the scene of an accident with casualties and an immediate need for help is observed, try to calm down the injured person and have them sit with their head above their heart.  Look closely at their head for any lacerations, listen for slurred speech, and watch their eyes for any abnormalities which may include dilated pupils, droopy eyelids, double vision, or complaints of blurred vision.  Other physiological symptoms could include muscle spasms, blood coming out of ears, nose or mouth, difficulty breathing, headaches/migraines, skewed sensory perceptions and accelerated heart-rate.  While an accelerated heart rate is to be expected and in and of itself is not worrisome, an elevated heart rate can be indicative of other issues.  When the human body sustains high-velocity impacts to tissue bruising can cause clots that may cause an aneurism in the brain.

Nature of Brain injuries

There are other types of symptoms besides physiological.  The person can become emotionally erratic, moody, and aggressive.  Without personal knowledge of the personality of the individual it may be difficult to assess abnormal behavior, but some things that may be indicative of an injury would be incoherent speech, babbling, disorganized nonsensical behavior, and absurd conversations.  The reality is that there are essentially three types of symptoms: physiological, emotional, and psychological.  Consider the term clinical depression.  When someone is suffering from severe depression for a long time, it will alter the chemical process of the brain and require medication to counteract the imbalances in the brains chemistry.  An accident can cause immediate damage through lacerations that will permanently damage tissue, and an individual may never be “right” again.  One of the lessons taught in the military for field medics and reinforced in the civilian medical field is never to provide any sort of pain killers at the scene of an accident. A medical professional will use the pain to determine the extent of the damage, and pain medicines tend to mask the symptoms of injuries and that delay in diagnosis can be fatal.

If you are unfortunate enough to have been dropped on your head as a baby, it is likely that all this information is useless and a bit too late.  If you are one of the lucky ones who survived life without ever bumping your noggin then keep in mind the seriousness of injuries to the head that can come from problems anywhere in the body.  A blood clot in a bruise from anywhere in the system goes to the brain more often than people realize and the result is very often immediate death.   Whatever the injury in your body, it is wise always to pay attention to your body when it is talking to you!

About the author:

The author, Ray Donato, is an Orlando resident and EMT who has seen his share of brain injury cases at many crash sites. He also frequently has to deal with a number of attornies to provide details relating to personal injury claims. Of those he has dealt with, the one he enjoys working with the most is David R. Heil. You can learn more about Ray on Google+

All people are different. Some love the sun while others hunger to be amongst the mist, fog, rain and the comforts of the cold. Young people are no different, but students are often taken on excursions when the months are warm at their given destination – regardless of whether or not the students enjoy the heat. However, there are ways for young people to enjoy cooler places, where, in fact, they are at their best when they are at their coldest.

Snow in Russia’s blood

Mink hats, heavy coats, and burning samovars are the image of Russian day-to-day life for many foreigners. The fame of this nation’s bone-numbing chill has been born from stories of Tsars marching through snowdrifts and visions of dank northern prisons. But school tours will allow students to stumble upon an electric energy in Russia, endemic to a potent culture shaped by the cold that has long endured in this historic land.

The Cold Fire of New York

New Yorkers seem to enjoy moaning about the snow in winter, maybe because it allows the brightness of their summer days to appear all the more valuable! But not everyone would forgo spending the end of the year here to head to a sunny haven. In fact, people from around the globe come here for Christmas and New Years Eve, despite the chance that a soft peppering of snow may turn into a storm without warning. Students on school tours will find a wonderful warmth and poignancy to winter in the Big Apple – made famous by film and television. The wealth of museums, exhibitions and tours doesn’t dim during the colder season.

Wrap yourself in Reykjavik

“Iceland” is a bit of a misnomer and, in fact, from the vibrant towns to its wild and desolate landscape, it is a country of many climates and colours. Indeed, students on school tours here may not expect the sheer extent of culture, atmosphere, and beauty in this small nation. Even during the cold, the city of Reykjavik is a joy. With wonderful teaching institutes and stunning natural wonders, even the rain and sleet will not dampen students’ spirits and thirst for learning in this fascinating destination.

Fog and Fun on the Cornish Coast

At times the fog and cold bring to mind days of ancient history and the passing of great events. This is especially true around the rugged coasts of Cornwall. Students on school tours here have an opportunity to enjoy an atmosphere of myth that lingers in the drifting mists. With the right context and explanation, students can immerse in tales of Arthur and the myths and legends of days past.

It is pretty much given that everybody knows a thing or two about coffee; from the basics of grounds and beans to the fine art of brewing it. Having said that, we do have handy coffee brewing machines at our disposal to make our lives that much simpler.

Coffee makers are fine. Espresso machines are dandy. It is all fine and dandy until the need arises to differentiate between these two devices because; they are very much different in their own specific ways. Some might ask, ‘what’s the big deal anyway since it just makes your coffee?’ Well you might find yourself in a bit of a tough predicament should you have a coffee maker when you actually need an espresso machine.

It is actually not all that complicated. There are only two major distinctions between these two devices; and each of these factors compensates the other. The primary differential factor between a coffee and espresso maker would be its brewing time. Espresso machines brew espresso shots at a quicker rate than perk or drip grind coffee makers. As simple as it sounds, there is actually a reason behind this difference in brewing time.

The main reason why the brewing time is so much shorter for an espresso maker is because of the high pressure induced to force water through the coffee grind. Good espresso brewers can churn up to 15 atmospheres (ATM) of water pressure. Usually, a shot of espresso would be brewed by forcing 1.5 ounces of boiling water through densely fitted, finely ground coffee grinds. The end product would be a dark brown and thick concoction with a measure of crema on top. We will get to the crema part later.

Besides the brewing time and high pressure, another thing that differentiates espresso machines from coffee makers is the ingredient it uses for brewing. Espresso makers use fine ground espresso to brew the end product whereas coffee makers use conventional coffee beans to make your favourite drink. The consistency and texture of ground espresso is likened to powdered sugar. The finer the grounds, the longer it would take for hot water to be forced through it for your shots to be brewed. The consistency of espresso grounds is usually varied for controlling the brew time.

On the other hand, drip coffee makers work by dripping hot water onto your coffee beans or grounds. These grounds are usually rougher in texture compared to espresso grounds. The boiling water would eventually filter through the coffee and into the pot. Evidently, there is a considerable amount of difference in brewing times.

As for cremas, espresso machines tend to make espresso shots with a layer of crema on top. The crema is likened to the foam on the head of a beer. This is due to frothers on espresso makers, something which cannot be found on conventional coffee makers.

For a true coffee enthusiast, espresso shots are generally more preferred simply because of the way they are made. You get better extraction from your grounds with an espresso machine for that full and rich taste. However rather surprisingly, a cup of drip coffee contains more caffeine than a shot of espresso.

The choice is ultimately yours. Espresso machines are more of a luxury and they are generally priced more extravagantly than conventional coffee makers. Not all espresso machines are fantastic; some just don’t cut it. For the amount of money you pay, you might be better off getting a good coffee maker.

To find the best coffee maker and best espresso machine, feel free to visit us today!

The concept of glass blowing may seem like a modern concept due the fact that the glass blowing kits and glass blowing equipment that are used today, are somewhat complicated. In reality though, glass blowing has been around since the early days of the ancient Egyptians.

Although the methods that are used in the process of glass-making may not be as simple as bead-making for example, it was considered to be a revolutionary concept during the time of the Roman Empire.


It is widely believed that the first glass that was made was somewhere between 1200 BC and 800 BC. What’s even more tantalizing about this fact is that the concept of glass blowing was discovered by accident. Phoenician merchants who use to travel throughout the coast of the Mediterranean would periodically make rest stops before reaching their intended destinations. At the rest stop, they would build campfires, along the sandy patches of earth that was on their trade route. What they noticed was that after a long night of maintaining the camp fires, the sand had transformed into a hardened substance. This substance turned out to be glass.

After realizing this discovery, they eventually created a glass forming technique around 50 BC. Even today, in museums across the world, you can see artifacts, and ancient glass blowing kits, that are as a direct result of some of the earliest techniques that the Phoenician merchants originally invented.


One of the more interesting facts about the invention of glassblowing was that it coincided with the birth of the Roman Empire during the first century B.C. And as such, it was adopted by the Romans and served as an essential asset towards their endeavors of spreading its dominance. Glassblowing was favored by the Romans so much so, that it was greatly encouraged under Roman rule. Experts believe that as a result of this, the concept of glassblowing rapidly spread throughout the various regions that the Romans eventually conquered.

By this time, the art of glassblowing evolved from failed experimentation and simple designs into complex, multi-paneled glass vessels that varied in shapes, arrangements and motifs.

Medieval Ages

After the demise of the Roman Empire, during fifth century A.D., the tradition persevered throughout Europe from the medieval days, to the Middle ages and into the Renaissance. During the medieval period, the techniques that were used in glassblowing became even more sophisticated as the Franks, created an abundance of simple corrugated molds, claw decoration techniques and sophisticated glass blowing kits.

By the 17th century, glassblowing moved from being just a technique that was used to create water vessels and decorations, into flat glass and window panes. Once these were developed, the applicability of glassblowing spread throughout the world and was eventually adopted by distant nations such as Japan, China and the Islamic Lands.

Stephen Herring firmly believes that the process of utilizing glass blowing kits and glass blowing equipment for sophisticated and complex glassblowing patterns, is not only for a source of income but as a way of creating art in its purest form.

When looking back on your own school days what do you remember most? Maybe you remember choosing stationery at the end of August or the boredom of your least favourite lesson, or perhaps the memories that have stood the test of time involve school trips to exciting new places.

School trips can offer children a break from the classroom while teaching them the importance of respecting other cultures and the value of independence. They’ll also be able to engage in new topics which they may not have paid much attention to before.

However, due to health and safety concerns, it’s not unusual for children to miss out on school trips that actually pose very little risk. Many trips that could provide children with extremely rewarding and insightful experiences are not going ahead due to safety worries.

If you’re thinking of organising a school trip for your pupils, it’s important to ensure that certain health and safety measures are in place so that you can help parents to relax. They’re bound to be concerned, but by offering a trip that is well organised and planned out, you can prove that there is nothing to worry about.

Things to look out for

When planning a school trip, health and safety should of course be paramount. When investigating how safe the break is going to be, it’s often best to ask all the questions that you’d ask if you were going on a family holiday.

It’s usually best to use a specialist travel firm with experience in organising school trips, rather than planning everything yourself. This will save you time and money.

Health and Safety

If you do use a travel firm make sure they are STF members. The STF is a group of educational tour operators which only accepts members who  adhere to a rigorous Code of Practice and Safety Management Standards and are audited each year by Argent Health & Safety, the UK’s leading Health and Safety Consultancy specialising in Travel, to ensure continuing compliance.


Whether you’re planning on travelling by coach, train, plane or ferry, it’s important to find out as much as you can, because parents are likely to ask you for all the details. Planes are known for undergoing numerous health and safety checks before lifting off the ground, and coaches should be the same. The chosen coach supplier should comply with safety rules and codes of practice.

Accommodation and activities

The best thing about booking through a specialist travel company is that the firm is likely to have extensive experience working with particular hotels, restaurants, and tour guides at the destination of your choice. They’ve probably spent years building relationships with these people to ensure that they operate to very high standards and can cater for any special circumstances such as food allergies or disabilities.

The chosen accommodation should be child-friendly, balconies must be safe and working smoke alarms must be fitted.

Licences and awards


Make sure that the trip is protected by the ATOL scheme. This will mean that if the travel company stops operating during the trip, an ATOL certificate can help. Without one, alternative plans may need to be made to get home and this could cost a significant amount of money.


ABTA has been an industry leading travel association for over 60 years. By looking for the ABTA logo when planning school trips, you can be assured that you are booking with a reliable company. ABTA members must follow a strict code of conduct so that a high standard of service is provided.


When looking for a school trip organiser, the School Travel Forum (STF) is a great resource. It has a group of Assured Members who offer excellent trips that can help to broaden pupils’ horizons and improve their learning.


The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is the national voice for school trips. The team believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom. Schools keen to offer their pupils the opportunity to explore nature, history and different cultures in an engaging environment are eligible to apply for various awards from the LOtC. While not all great schools have an LOtC award, if you are keen to be recognised for your efforts to improving pupils’ learning through activities outside the classroom, this could be a great opportunity.

Put parents’ minds at ease

While it is vital that all school trips are health and safety checked to prevent any accidents, the actual chance of a child being seriously hurt on a trip with teachers and classmates is extremely rare. In fact, research suggests that children are less likely to get hurt while on a school trip than they are in school.

When sending permission slips to parents, you might want to specify which teachers are fully qualified first aiders. Knowing there are people on hand to act in the event of an emergency can help parents to relax.

Parents need to know that even though they aren’t on the trip themselves, they’re still in good hands. By providing parents with plenty of information about the trip provider, you can encourage them to let their children attend.