Common Air Conditioning Problems and Repair Options

Common Air Conditioning Problems and Repair Options

When air conditioners malfunction or stop operating such that the house or office no longer gets cooled, it requires repair and restoration services. There are expert technicians licensed and trained to offer the repair services to ensure the house and office users are comfortable. AC repairs Watauga offers restoration services at the residential or commercial home of clients whose air conditioners have issues they cannot fix on their own. They also offer replacement of the system together with an inspection to determine the root cause of the issue hence ensuring the problem does not occur again. Air conditioning service companies are trustworthy since they have experience in working with conditioning systems over a long period. Air conditioning services required in a premise include.

  • AC installation and replacement
  • AC repair
  • AC maintenance

Some of the common problems that occur to air conditioners that may require the help of an expert to fix include.

  • Refrigerant leakages reduce the amount of refrigerant and this cannot be fixed by just adding more refrigerant to the system. Technical experts are supposed to inspect and test the repair options while also fixing the leaks. The right amount of refrigerant to be added is also determined. For effective and efficient working and performance of an AC system, the amount of refrigerant in the system should be the exact amount recommended by the AC manufacturer. The system can be both overcharged and undercharged hence the problems with the system performance.
  • AC systems require regular maintenance services. Maintenance services involve cleaning of vents and ducts to get rid of any dust or dirt that may be blocking the system. The compressors and fans may also require checking to ensure they are running properly.
  • Electric controls may wear out hence automatically switching on and off the system. This happens especially when the system is overloaded such that the house is either too hot or too humid. It can also be due to the use of a small-capacity system in a large space. This may require an expert to examine the electrical connections and other factors to determine what causes the problem.
  • Thermostat sensor failures may also cause AC to stop working. The thermostat measures the temperatures in the room air. When knocked out of its position or is faulty it fails to detect the exact temperatures in the room hence fails to control the cooling effect.
  • Drainage issues may also cause malfunctions. During extremely humid air, drainage systems may fail to drain off due to clogging. It may also be a result of the level at which the drainage is mounted.

Several things may be the cause of the problem. It is however good to note that there are some common repair options that AC repair experts refer to after inspecting the possible causes of the system failure. Below are the most used repair options.

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Any problems regarding a compressor can only be fixed after accessing the main issue with the compressor. This requires the diagnosis of someone who understands how a compressor functions. The function of the compressor in an AC system is to pump the refrigerant fluid throughout the unit. It traps heat from the air inside a room, therefore, leaving the room cooler. When a compressor has an issue, as much as it is complicated to identify, one will notice through the temperature differences in the room. Some of the common compressor problems include frosting hence freezing up in coils within the system, continuous running of the AC without being effective, and hearing of bubbling sounds. These problems when noticed means the AC compressor requires some repairs by an expert to avoid any further complications to a point of needing replacements.


Fans work by circulating air hence allowing for cooling. It distributes cool air in the room and takes in the hot air. Any issues with the fan mean the system stops running. When the fan has problems, it is easier to identify by looking at the outer components and determining if the fan speed has increased or reduced. It can also be producing unusual sounds meaning it needs to be repaired. Some of the issues that are counter checked include belt issues, motor issues, power issues, and capacitor issues. Fans may also just require simple maintenance services to continue working properly. It may be due to dust, dirt or debris stuck making it stop running effectively.


There are several reasons why an AC system may be experiencing leaks. First, it may be due to an obstruction of condensate life by debris stuck in it. It can also be a result of a worn-out old and rusted or cracked drainage pan. Dirty air filters also broke air circulation promoting freezing of the coils hence a leakage. Finally, it may be because of refrigerant fluid levels being too high or too low, hence freezing the coils. Refrigerants are dangerous to human health and any leakages should be reported immediately to a professional for repairs to be done.