There are certain factors that decide the level of security your website enjoys when it is online. Before starting a website, apart from other issues, you should always double check the security thing and should make sure that you are stepping in with full safe guards. There are a lot of scammers in the online market who are ready to steal your hard work with a few simple tactics. Your website hosting service should be powerful enough to block those attacks and this is only possible when you use a service provider that offers DDoS Protected Dedicated Server for your website. There is no question in deciding whether you need online security or not, obviously you need it but the main thing to consider is how much security you need.


Factors deciding the extent of security required:

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before selecting the security package for your website. These include:

  • The purpose of your website
  • The nature of data your website contains
  • The nature of visitors to your website
  • The nature products you offer

Purpose of your website:

This is the first thing that you should consider before selecting the hosting service provider. If you plan to start a personal blog or fun kind of website, you probably don’t need that level of security, but if you are planning to start an online business and you are going to deal with money and sensitive information there, then you must think about getting a DDoS Protected Dedicated Server. Small business owners should also get this dedicated server and should initially invest some amount to save them from future big losses.


Nature of data:

The nature of data that your website contains is very important. If your website is just informative in nature and does not include a database of your customers, then you can do this on a shared hosting service because such websites are not at huge risk of DDoS attacks. But if you are planning to set up a database of your customers and want to store their personal information, then you need to be aware of that fact that there are a huge number of scammers and hackers that are ready to snatch your hard work for you. DDoS Protected Dedicated Server is the best solution available to protect your website against such hackers.

Traffic and product/service Nature:

If your website is open to the general public and offers a huge number of services and products, you cannot afford a shared hosting. Think before you start and choose your hosting service, according to the nature of visitors that you are expecting. Moreover, the type of products you offer also contain a hidden threat. If your product is based on creativity and includes your ideas that you do not want to be cheated and your personal website data be lost, you should not risk it at shared website hosting service, you should go for a pro plan then that includes a DDoS Protected Dedicated Server for your website.