How Can The Shoot-A-Way Gun Help You Develop A Better Arc?

How Can The Shoot-A-Way Gun Help You Develop A Better Arc?

If you are looking forward to becoming the MVP of your team, you should place your focus on the arc of the shot of basketball prodigies instead of their mechanics. Refining your shooting technique by practicing with basketball shooting machine schools can land you in the best teams and offer you a chance to play in the NBA.

To become a great shooter, you need to be consistent with your basketball shooting drills routine. A routine will help you in transforming yourself into a better shooter. It helps you in:

  • Maintaining and developing a sound shooting technique.
  • Creating consistency in your form.
  • Improving your confidence.

A poor shooting technique will make you less efficient at scoring points for your team, significantly impacting your repo in the basketball world.

Improving Your Shooting Arc

A few tricks and tips from the coaching basketball shooting can help you enhance your arc and improve your game.

Feet Sweep

If you go back in history to watch the highlights of any good shooter in basketball history, you will notice that the pro shooters sweep their feet while jumping on the three-point line, landing just a bit inside the three-point line. According to the basketball shooting machine schools, sweeping your feet helps optimize your arc, enabling you to become a great shooter.

Body Space

When players maintain space between the ball and their body, they can keep the ball up while keeping their arm underneath, rather than a mere flat push out of the basketball. Younger players generally chuck the ball to the basket primarily because they lack the strength or the power to get the ball up.

Tip: tap your shooting elbow to the shooting hip.

Feet Turn

The coaching basketball shooting advises the players to tilt their bodies slightly rather than squaring up to the basket. Left-handed players are advised to lean to their life, and right-handed players should tilt to their right. Shooters that have a low shooting arc are the ones who square their toes to the basket, and finally, when they proceed to shoot, their shoulder muscles begin to pull down, making it hard to release for them. To avoid such a situation, turn the player’s feet to your dominant side to help your body get a higher release point.

Keeping these tips in mind while practicing and staying consistent with your practice is the best solution to improve your shooting arc. Knowing the perfect depth and angle a shot should travel to score the most also helps.

The Science Of Shooting

If you are someone working on your shooting technique, the chances are that you have come across the saying, “the higher the arc, the better!”. The pro-people at basketball shooting machine schools say that having a higher arc on the shot indeed “makes the rim bigger,” but it is considered incorrect to assume that the shot with the highest arc is best to make more shots.

Flat shots most likely reduce the ball’s chances to enter the basket as the entry area significantly reduces when the ball is shot with a low arc. However, shooting the ball with too high an arc can be equally detrimental, as you can lose the ball’s control in hand and miss your shot.

When the arc goes higher above 47-48 degrees, control over their shot depth is significantly reduced. Even a slight change in degree can have an enormous difference in the shooting arc and negatively affect getting friendly bounces in basketball.

The coaching basketball shooting advises the players to aim for the 45-degree entry angle to get the perfect shot. A shot straight at a 45-degree angle and 11 inches deep in the basket is considered the ideal shot.

To improve your shot arc, the coaches advise you to practice efficiently, and this is where a Shoot-a-way gun comes to your rescue.

How Can The Shoot-A-Way Gun Help You Develop A Better Arc?

What Is A Shoot-A-Way Gun?

It is an extremely advanced, automated basketball shooting machine and an effective rebounding that enhances your shooting skills on the court. It allows you to recreate multiple catch and shoot basketball situations and offers you the luxury of taking more shots in less time. It also enhances the player’s muscle memory by continuously moving and catching, shooting, and moving to the next shot.

How Does Shoot-A-Gun Improve Your Shot And Enhance Your Technique?

The features of shoot-a-gun include:

  • Adjustable collection net (11 to 14 feet usually)
  • Adjustable height, speed, and time function
  • Swivels that allow shooting in the full perimeter.

Above mentioned features enable players to shoot with the correct arc, depending on where they are shooting. This exceptional training aid can fire approx 1800 shots per hour, allowing the player to practice more to become a pro at catch and shoot basketball.

Rounding off

Shoot-a-gun offers you the ability to recreate the intensity of your game by taking control of the basketball shooting drills, on your terms, in your own time to score perfect shots. Basketball guns have been in use since 1999, and in recent times, almost every college, school, and the NBA is relying on it. So you can blindly put your trust in the machine to brush up your basketball skills.