My Son Wants A Basketball Shooting Machine. Should I Buy One?


Even if your kid is performing really well on the block and amazing his school coach and the rest, he might not be satisfied. The hunger to be one of the very best and advance to the pro basketball scene is something that every kid has. Even when your son is putting in the reps and doing the basketball shooting drills at home, he could still fret about putting in a lot of time and not achieving the desired results.

Yes, to be honest, honing your basketball skills takes time. And time is something none of us have for the plenty.

So you could consider certain alternatives that would speed up his practice and develop his skill-sets like crazy! If your son wants to do the basketball shooting drills at home efficiently, you might consider the move that I made when my son showed me his promise and his zeal for the sport. I brought home a basketball shooting machine.

Are you plagued by the same question: Should I buy a home basketball machine? If yes, then continue reading.

Why is a home basketball machine the perfect investment for your kid’s future?

Time is of the essence. Growing up and joining the big league could be the dream that drives your kid when he is playing basketball. But you also need to fulfill your responsibility as a father and live the same dream with your kid. Who knows, your kid could turn into one of the MVPs of the NBA!

So, let’s not waste time. The focus is to practice the basketball shooting drills at home efficiently. For it, the rebounder or the automatic shooting machine is a fantastic investment.

Limited gym time:

The limitation in gym time and the sheer number of people doing the exercises is always overwhelming for the coaches in there. If you are worried that your gym time is getting limited, then the best way to resolve this is to get a home basketball machine. In that way, you can always put in the quality reps efficiently and hone your skills.

Missed shots galore:

When you are practicing alone, there are high chances that the maximum part of your basketball shooting drills at home consists of chasing after missed shots. A basketball shooting machine or a rebounder will minimize it and help you analyze your technique and the shortcomings for which the missed shots are happening.

Workout sessions are small:

You could be enjoying the workout sessions with your trainer. But they seem to be so time-bound that the way you want to develop your form isn’t happening.


Hitting the basketball practice and becoming acclimated with the drills and others could be a good thing. But the horror for every budding basketball player starts when they are hitting the dreadful plateau of form. Overcoming it is an uphill task and quite challenging.

There are different types of Dr. Dish basketball shooting machines, but getting a Shootaway shooting machine will be your constant and trusted companion and always help you improve. You have to remember that you are your toughest competition. It is always necessary to beat yourself and go ahead each moment.

Also, as a parent, there is not enough time that we can give to our kids these days. If I have to play the rebounder for my kid’s basketball shooting drills, he might even not get enough practice each week. I personally considered the home basketball rebounder a perfect investment for my kid’s future for all these issues and many more. I hope you do so too.

Hard data to corroborate the fact that basketball shooting machines are great for your kid:

Being smart with basketball training is the most efficient thing to do. And this has been realized by most innovators over the years who are invested in this field. For shouting something like- Go to the backyard and get in some quality reps! It seems a nice thing to say that it will boost your kid’s morale and make him feel important in your eyes.

Getting an automatic basketball shooting machine or a rebounder helps your kid to pump in the most number of reps efficiently in an hour. While your kid is putting in 400 quality reps per hour, the neighbor’s kid down the block could be putting in only 50 to 60 reps per hour. Effectively, he will end up doing the same number of reps as your kid in 6 to 8 hours!

Besides using the basketball shooting machine for quick and efficient basketball shooting drills at home, your kid can also involve his friends and get directly to more intense workouts. These will help him build coordination with his mates and improve his sense during the actual match situation. Your kid’s coach will also be thoroughly impressed with these results!

Closing thoughts:

If you live the dream of the big league with your kid, my advice is not to linger any further and bring home one of the best rebounders or automatic basketball shooting machines. If you want to invest in something really credible and market’s very best, Shoot-a-way could be an interesting choice with its feature-rich and superlative Guns range!