The speed at which mobile applications are finding their moment today is mind-boggling. The lives of people are significantly enhanced enabling them to participate in new activities.

People living with disabilities are particularly finding these apps exceptional. The things that would have costed a fortune yesterday, can now be achieved with a single tap on your smartphone.

Thus, developers are in a constant rush to code the best market applications that can daily impact people’s lives, especially the disabled community of people.

We have compiled a handful of these apps to download in 2021.

Ice – Emergency Application

The application creates a visible notification on your lock screen, with all necessary information about yourself. It displays your important contacts in case of an emergency.

With over 100,000 downloads on Google Play, the app will protect you as it relays useful information like surgical requirements, blood type, and contact info to your next of kin, or to those tending to you during a medical emergency. Despite your phone screen lock being on, the notification still shows.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones allows you to create visual guides for people with learning disabilities. These help them undertake everyday activities like doing laundry or toasting.

The app allows one to be independent and manage tasks that have previously been difficult to handle or learn. The chores could be essential for living independently.


WheelMap allows you to search any location, as it pinpoints the exact search location on a map. The application then shows all the accessible places within the location.

It is great for locating wheelchair-accessible cafes, restaurants, cinemas, shops, and parking lots from over several million places. Several more are added daily across the globe. The app is available freely for both Android and iOS users.

Be My Eyes

This free, brilliant app for Android and iOS users connects blind and low vision people with company representatives and sight volunteers for visual assistance over a live video call. For such individuals, it is the little things that create the greatest challenge.

Like, where is the shop exit? Or, does this belt match my shoes? The app currently has over 4,625,123 volunteers, serving more than 294,974 individuals across 150 plus countries in more than 180 plus languages.

Tap to Talk

This speech verbalizing application is handy for anyone having trouble with speech. It lets you click on symbols or words on the screen as it speaks on your behalf.

The app can make a significant difference in how well you cope with your daily life. It has features like 370 words, activities, feelings, family, foods, questions, numbers, and opposites. Also included is voice options for females, males, and children. It comes free on Google Play.

Miracle Modus

Designed for people with autism, the app helps when the user is experiencing periods of sensory overload. It achieves this by infusing rainbow colors with soft bells in a calming way when experiencing periods of sensory overload.

Roger Voice

This app is designed for deaf individuals wanting to make telephone calls. It translates what is said on the phone into text on the individual’s end and vice versa. What’s more, this program is used even when both parties have a hearing impairment.

Many applications are available and can turn the lives of disabled persons around. Many more will be out soon. As always, there is something for everyone.