Tips for Helping Your Child Overcome Frequent Bad Dreams

Tips for Helping Your Child Overcome Frequent Bad Dreams

Regardless of how comfy your child’s bed is, or if you buy them bespoke children’s pyjamas, they could still have a bad dream from time to time. A bad dream or nightmare is a type of sleep disruption that affects both children and adults, although it typically affects children more than adults, because they feel a genuine feeling of being threatened. Due to their less developed mental and cognitive state, children may think that they are in a real danger when they experience frequent bad dreams. This can cause anxiety and disrupted sleep. Bad dreams typically happen during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase and the early morning hours.

If Your Child is Having Bad Dreams, Here are Some Effective Ways to Help Him Overcome Them:

Set A Bedtime Routine- children feel more comfortable if they follow a daily bedtime routine. Before they go to bed, they should follow an identical schedule. It could begin with putting on their favourite organic children’s pyjamas or reading a relaxing bedtime story. This reduces the element of uncertainty because children know what to expect each night.

Tell A Beautiful, Happy Story- instead of being pre-occupied about their scary situation, parents should tell their children happy bedtime stories. By repeating the same story from different angles, children could start dreaming about it. This will show them that they can have good dreams if they want.

Encourage Positive Thoughts- before your child falls asleep, you need to ask what dream he would like to have. We have no control what he will dream about, but it is important to set a positive thought. This simple routine could help him feel much more relaxed. It is also a good idea to go over exciting events of the day and things he looks forward to experiencing the next day. Allow your child to think about and expect good things.

Keep The Room Illuminated- it is perfectly understandable if your child is afraid of the dark, especially if he is alone in the bedroom. Sleeping in a dark room may not be the most inviting situation for him. Leave the room illuminated and keep the door open. A desk lamp on the nightstand is enough to illuminate the room without making it too bright.

Ward Off “Monsters”- if your child insists that monsters keep appearing in his dream, use a spray bottle with flower-scented water to ward-off the creatures. Spritz the scented water around the room and tell your child it will keep the monsters away. This will give your child a peace of mind and he will sleep better. They could also wear their ‘magical’ rainbow pyjamas for extra protection.

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