Waklert is a brand of the sleepiness-fighting formulation with the active ingredient Armodafinil made by Sun Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest generic-making companies of the world. This is a generic version of the branded expensive drug Nuvigil which is basically identical to it except for some minor changes in the filler components.


The active agent of the formulation can be produced and marketed by multiple pharmaceutical companies because the exclusive patent of its development had already expired. This means that you can buy Armodafinil under the name Waklert or another one not to overpay for the known brand but get the same quality and effect.

What are the official indications for Waklert use?

The main indication for the formulation use is narcolepsy, a disorder in which a patient cannot stay awake for several hours in a row due to the congestive violation of the sleep-wakefulness cycle changing in the brain.

Other official uses for the tablets use in the U.S. are sleep apnoea and wakefulness disorder related to night shift work. In other countries, the list of the indications also includes ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue, depressive states, and other disorders in which excessive sleepiness or failure to concentrate occurs.

What are off-label uses of Waklert?

The so-called off-label uses are the intakes of the formulation without being prescribed the drug or having the disorders for which it is prescribed. For instance, it has been proven that Armodafinil is effective as a sleepiness-coping agent in healthy individuals who are sleepy due to the lack of sleep, insomnia, and so on. On top of that, the formulation is known for its cognitive function-improving effects so many people buy generic Armodafinil to be more productive, focus on the prioritized tasks, and so on.

For off-label uses, a half of the regular dosage is sufficient in some cases, so do not hurry to take one pill a day. Try taking half of 150 mg tablet in the first half of the day and see if it’s sufficient or not.

Where can you get Armodafinil cheap?

To purchase antinarcoleptic formulations without a prescription and at a lower price, look for generic versions online. Online pharmacies are usually situated in the countries where these formulations are sold without Rx.

For instance, you can buy Waklert made by Sun Pharma at RxShopMD at a fraction of price of the branded drug and get the same effect and safety level.