On the surface, doing an arrest record search is something that would be both incredibly involved and incredibly complicated. In fact, many people that do these kinds of searches do experience a great deal of difficulty. That’s because the first way that comes to mind for this kind of search is actually incredibly inefficient, but we’ll cover that in a bit more detail further on in the article. Today you’ve come here to learn the best way to look into someone’s arrest records, and we’re here to help.

There are many doors in life, and that extends to anything that you might do. Some doors lead to the things that you’re looking for, and others simply open up to walls. When you’re looking into someone’s arrest records, there’s a good chance that you don’t want to run into a wall. Fortunately, there are ways to go about this search that will allow you all of the information that you need in a timely manner. If you know what you’re doing, you could even get this information in less time than it takes to fill up your gas tank. It’s really that easy and convenient all around.

Why do Arrest Records Matter?

You might hear a lot about arrest records, but even so, you could still be wondering why they have any importance at all. If that is the case, you might actually be surprised to hear that arrest records are a pivotal part of our criminal justice system, and a lot of it simply wouldn’t be able to function the same if they didn’t exist. Recordkeeping allows the people in charge to have a better idea of what people have done in the past so they can know exactly how to proceed if the person in question ends up in the same situation again.

Records are kept by every country in the world for the same reason. It just makes things a little easier for everyone involved. Human memory is fallible and lots of things happen every day, so if you were to ask someone what happened 20 years ago, you might get a fuzzy answer. Arrest records, in particular, are important for notating how many times a particular person has been arrested. There are also court records and criminal records. The three are intertwined to some degree but not exclusively by any stretch of the imagination.

Arrest records are records of someone’s arrests, court records are records of someone’s court cases, and criminal records are records of the crimes that someone has been convicted of. Most people that go to prison or jail have additions to all three records, but an arrest doesn’t need to be made for someone to go to court and be convicted of a crime. However, someone does need to go to court to be convicted, so there is no way to have an addition to a criminal record without having an addition to the court record.

We’ve already spoken about how arrest records are important to the criminal justice system, but what about the importance it holds for regular people that exist outside of the criminal justice system? Yourself, your friends, family members, coworkers? Well, to put it simply, arrest records can help keep you safe. There are a lot of unknowns when you’re dealing with any person, and arrest records can illuminate some of those dark areas. While Holywood might lead you to believe that dangerous people often have a distinct look about them, it’s not actually true in real life. For evidence of that, you can look no further than some of the most famous criminals in history and see that they just looked like anyone else.

That means, essentially, that arrest records can help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe. You don’t really have any other surefire way to ensure that you get the information that you need about someone before allowing them into your life and, more importantly, into your home. Many people make it a habit to do arrest record searches before even going on a date with someone, so they can be as sure as possible that they aren’t walking into a situation that is more than they were bargaining for. Some people even go so far as to vet their friends’ dates before they go out.

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How to Find Arrest Records Without Hassle

The biggest issue with finding arrest records is that it can be tricky to do so. The way that many people assume is the best way will lead you into some walls pretty quickly, but there is a way that you can go about this search that will be sure to get you all of the information you need incredibly quickly. We’re going to look at both the traditional way of going about this as well as the better and faster way so you can know exactly what your options are for this.

The first way we’ll be looking at is probably the first way that comes to your mind when thinking about this subject. You might have even already tried this method and ran into some of the issues that we’re about to discuss. This method is, of course, using the resources that are provided by the government. It’s a bit of a bummer that this method isn’t the best method because it’s the most intuitive to go to. You would think that the reasonable choice would be to go directly to the source, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case here.

It’s Not What You Think

The biggest reason why government-provided resources for arrest records fall short is that none of the databases are connected in any way, shape, or form. Each county handles its own database and doesn’t interact with any other county. This can be good if you’re only interested in information from your county, but what if you need to cast a much larger net when searching for information? Well, you’ll just end up missing out on a lot of information because you might not have had all of the data that you needed, and that’s not conducive for any thorough search into someone’s background.

There are also many counties that don’t make this information easily available to the public for one reason or another, which is another major issue when trying to go about getting the information you need this way. Even if you know every county you need to check if even one county doesn’t provide a database like this for you to access directly from their website, you could be missing out on critical information from your search, leaving you with potentially critical gaps in your knowledge of this person’s background. That could be dangerous, especially if you’re trying to be completely sure that the person in question is safe enough to have around.

Step Away from The Government

The best way to get this information is to use a personal background check service. These businesses have been operating for decades in many cases, and they have the process of locating arrest records down to a science. Many of the best personal background check services can even give you all of the available information in the country in a matter of seconds, depending on how fast your internet is. With these kinds of mind-blowing speeds, it’s no wonder that this method is the best method for finding arrest records. That’s without even getting into the mind-boggling accuracy that these services can often provide.

The secret in how these services are able to be so successful is in the way that they’ve programmed their systems. Most of these companies have hyper-advanced systems that are able to sort through thousands and thousands of public records databases at once. Because they’re so quick, they’re able to give you instant search results with arrest records and a whole lot more information, depending on what’s available. In most cases, if someone has a criminal record, you’d even be able to see that. If you’re looking to do a full background check on someone before you allow them into your life, this is the way to do it.

Making Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Arrest Records Check

Looking into arrest records can be stressful, and that’s ok. It is a task that is known to be more than a little difficult, and many people start the task and leave it before they find the information that they were looking for. Fortunately for all of us, there is a better way that can take the headache out of the whole process and make things run a lot more smoothly for you. That means that you can have many fewer headaches when doing your arrest records check, no matter who’s arrest records you’re checking into.

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