Simple Texting (SMS) is owning the planet of technology to get a decade and viewing its development it’s thought this principle isn’t likely to end soon.

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Using the start of Viber WhatsApp, WeChat, and Skype, individuals have entered into a brand new world of message wherever they are able to send documents, share images and texts with individuals situated in various areas of the planet via these text messaging applications.

WhatsApp Vs Viber that provides a much better support?

Both download whatsapp free for pc and Viber are preferred instant messaging applications that enable customers to send pictures texts and movies for your connections situated in various areas of the planet. Based on a study, it’s been noticed that WhatsApp includes a regular effective user-base of 800 million while Viber includes a user-base of 500 million.

Both applications provide their customers nearly exactly the same functions. The voice calling function of Viber has wide recognition because of its excellent voice quality. About the other hand, WhatsApp speech calling function is just designed for Android customers as well as the builders will work about it to repair the insects of the application, for example, phone lags which are described in the user’s end.

While Viber enables an organization talks to 39 people in an organization talk, you can include maximum 30 members in WhatsApp. In both these applications, you are able to deliver emojis to state your emotions within an innovative approach.

It’s difficult to create a choice involving the two because both applications involve some benefits and drawbacks. Below, you’ll obtain a comprehensive assessment of the applications centered on functionality and their performance.


WhatsApp is commonly known for fast service and its light, easy interface. It litter the application with a lot of options and doesn’t consider popup ads. The UI seems easy despite starting the voice calling function. Actually, in WhatsApp new software, you can observe just three tabs one for the other two for contacts and talk as well as calls

About the other hand, Viber provides various other value-added support alongside instant messaging solutions and speech calling, and, thus, its UI gets an enhanced look. This application supplies a large selection of stickers or emojis that attract young consumers.

Simplicity of use

Within this area, Viber may be the obvious success as it could be utilized autonomously on just about all systems, for example, Windows Android, iOS, Rim and desktop computers. About the other hand, WhatsApp supports just some major mobile systems, for example, Windows and Android. This function hasn’t been launched for that iOS people yet.

Voice calling quality

After evaluating WhatsApp’s voice calling function on various systems, the standard is appropriate. Some insects have already been informed within this function while evaluating this application on 3G and 2G networks. To repair these insects, WhatsApp’s manufacturers will work on it.

While, Viber has launched video-calling function and its voice calling well before WhatsApp and so, it gets experience that is longer than other messaging applications. The knowledge has served Viber to obtain additional items when it comes to voice calling quality. Viber offer HD-quality calls on just about all cellular devices to ensure that customers obtain a greater experience with it. This message offers a function to its users that permit them to connection with low-Viber people.

Thus, there is a detailed battle going on between Viber and WhatsApp messaging applications. Viber has had top of the hand on WhatsApp when it comes to speech calling function, nevertheless, WhatsApp gets more recognition, and much more people utilize this application over other messaging applications.