You must have found this machine in most hotels and gyms, the arc trainer is an exclusive cardiovascular workout machine. It is basically named after its patented superior stride technology – the Reverse Arc Motion. The unique design of this trainer does not place the user’s toe behind their knees; hence, reduces stress to the knee and hip joint. One other amazing feature that is different from same low-key cardio trainers is that the arm and leg on the same side move simultaneously. In turn, allowing for optimal posture during the workout.

The Benefits of Picking An Arc Trainer Workout Machine?

·       Less Stress On The Joints – With this trainer, you can effectively boost your heart rate in a low-impact environment. It is basically designed to allow users to experience a full range of motion for the knee and hip, without needing to place undue stress on these parts of the body. When compared to other low-impact trainers, the toe moves behind the knees, which increases stress on the knee joint.

·      Effective Calorie Burning – Calorie expenditure has proven to be higher on an arc machine compared to an elliptical and motion trainer in a 20-minute workout session. It was emphasized that working out in this fitness trainer would result in the greatest reduction of excess body weight in a relatively short period of time.

·      Program Options – The trainer comes with 9 different custom workout and 8 present programs. One of the programs stimulates a series of hills. In addition, this workout machine offers three different workout zones. Other than that, this offers several grip options. Hence, users can keep their hands on two different grab features on the arms or the side rails may be for more stability.

Health experts emphasize on the act that working in an arc trainer can help people improve their stamina and also boost their power for jumping, running, and sprinting without stressing out their joints. To make the most out of their preferred superior quality arc trainer, users can even mix up their workouts. There are several different types of workouts that can be combined while using an arc training machine. If you are considering buying one, it is imperative to first look for the best fitness equipment wholesaler in town to ensure you are getting the best arc training machine at an affordable price.