A word domain is mainly the brand’s identity. It’s indeed special for every company. When the idea to start a business strikes in someone’s mind, the idea of the company’s name popped up simultaneously. Due to huge traffic, the availability of desired domain becomes a challenge for most people.

In this post, we will talk about the importance of domain booking and alternatives to follow when the thoughtful domain name isn’t available across several domain name providers.

What Do You Mean By Domain Booking?

Domain booking is one of the domain registration methods that are very easy and reliable has been growing in popularity lately. It’s a domain name reservation service that registers domain names you want to buy but hasn’t yet registered for you until you are ready to register the domain.

This domain booking service is available on several domain registration platforms such as domain.com, hover.com, etc.

Ways To Follow When Selected Domain Name Isn’t Available:

There are various domain booking providers, and anyone can use them. So, when domain booking services come to your mind as you search for a domain registration platform, the first thing you need is to choose a domain provider that offers domain reservation services.

Then below is how to overcome domain availability challenges:

Look For The New Domain Name Extension: If you were expecting .com extension and didn’t find it, don’t feel disheartened. It’s not the only domain name extension available. There are more domain extensions like .net, .org, etc. Even if the domain you want has been booked by someone else in any other domain name extension, then there is no need to lose hope. You can find another one with a domain registry of your choice. So, proceed with the other best alternative and perform the domain booking for it.

Modify your brand name slightly: You don’t want to change the entire domain name, then go for domain modification options. Simply try adding or deleting a single character from your domain name. E.g., you have the business name “www.business.com” try making it “www.Business.com” or “www.thebusiness.com”. This can help you find an available domain that is exactly similar to your brand name. A smart variation to your domain name unveils several domain names for you. So, give it a try.

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Look for the resellers: Some people invest in buying domain names to sell them to others at higher prices to earn some profit. If you can’t find the domain name while domain booking, then look for the reselling people. If you really wish to have the same domain name, this is the effective way to get it.

You May Take legal action: You may use the trademark law that states, first-party to trademark their name as the rightful owner of that particular domain name. It implies your legal right as the primary owner of the domain name. If the domain name has been taken away from you, you can challenge it in a court of law.

Domain name squatters will be forced by the domain authority to transfer domain names within 30 days of receiving a complaint.


No matter what business you have started, you must try to get the domain name you have finalized.

There are lots of domain name booking services available out there, in the case when you fail to get the domain name yourself. Take help from domain brokers and domain naming agencies to secure your domain name online.

So, always make sure that you have booked domain names for your business; otherwise, it would be quite difficult to gain market-leading benefits for your company. Also, the above-mentioned alternatives are highly effective, so use one or two as per the context. Hope you get the domain name, meeting your expectation.