Playing online Sudoku is a very effective way of time passing. To some it is a fun game whereas to others it is a hobby. Solving the number problems can get very interesting and challenging. Solving Sudoku puzzles improve the reasoning qualities of an individual as well. The amount of reasoning activities that goes into solving a Sudoku puzzle can help improve the logical sense of an individual to a considerable extent. Though it is all about numbers it has nothing to do with mathematics and is rather based on logic and reasoning. It has different levels and the game gets difficult with the ascending levels. It also serves as a form of a brain exercise. For playing Sudoku on internet, you can refer this website for more info

Keep your mind sharp by playing Sudoku

Playing Sudoku helps in improving the cognitive activities of the mind. Thus many elderly people engage themselves in this brain storming puzzles to keep their minds sharp. Sudoku has also been proved to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly people. In children too Sudoku betters the decision making qualities, train their brains and also keep their brains active. This number game also helps entrepreneurs and businessmen train their brains and improve their problem solving abilities.

How does the game work?

The game is composed of grids and numbers. It is arranged in 9×9 grids and 3×3 squares. Some boxes are filled with digits whereas as some others have been left empty. The player is required to put the most logical numbers in the empty boxes so that it remains in conformity with the order of the numbers. A particular number or a digit should not be repeated in one line. The rows and the columns are arranged from 1 to 9 and the player has to fill the blank boxes with the missing numbers in a way so that it is not repeated either in it’s vertical arrangement or horizontal arrangement.

The Internet Sudoku is a website that allows users to play Sudoku online for absolutely free. The player can ascend gradually to the more complicated steps. All the games are free and can be played on a smartphone, computer or tablet. Sudoku is an interesting game which might seem difficult at the beginning but once it sinks in it can get very addictive but in a good way. Everyone from the children to the elderly people can benefit from playing the game in more than one ways.