The Need Of Greenery Around Us

What makes our planet earth liveable?

The Oxygen!

And where does it come from?


It is as simple as that! And there will be no liveable earth if there are no plants.

Ever since humankind has started to evolve for its own betterment, nature has to pay the toll. From increasing use of all-natural resources to the exploitation of animals, humans have now gone too far in the race. Situations are alarming around the globe in different aspects. There are places with alarming levels of groundwater, air pollution is getting worse every second, the ozone layer is getting more holes, glaciers are melting, and waste that we produce is harming nature and our environment in every possible way. And with the pace that we are doing all this to earth, we are on the verge of extinction.

It is not that we all are doing it knowingly and with purpose, but, we aren’t even taking measures to stop and cure the damage. Where are those teachings that we had in environmental studies in school time? Where is that sense of social duty that we have been taught in social studies lectures?

With every passing day, as more and more motor vehicles are selling, we are adding to the pollution. Well, it is understood that people are buying vehicles for the sake of comfort. But, are we equally making efforts to increase and improve the greenery on the planet?

So, What’s The Solution?

Well, there are many actions that we all can take at individual levels, and there will soon be the greener and clean environment. And one of those actions is having more plants around us, in whichever way possible.

Yes, there are some who are running drives to plant trees, but it is not sufficient for the world as we are around 8 billion people on this planet. It is time that we all do our bit toward the mission of more greenery. People who have spaces inside the boundaries of their homes or an open area near their home, must plant trees and take care of them with utmost dedication. And those who are living in high rise buildings and in areas with no space to plant trees can bring indoor plants in their homes whether it is from the nearest nursery or any online plant store. And having plants around and inside will not just counter air pollution but can also be beneficial for many other aspects too. Buying good luck plants for home can help to eliminate negative energies. Having medicinal plants like aloe vera and basil proves to be beneficial to cure burns, fever, and cough. And with bonsai plants, you can improve your home’s interior decor.

In your backyard, grow flowering and fruit plants and also put efforts to grow vegetables.

The main point here is that we all can do our bit to improve greenery around us, which is very crucial. More plants mean more oxygen and less carbon dioxide. The heat levels will be low, and the ozone layer will heal itself.

Start today! Invest In Plants!