If you’re planning to buy a Toronto luxury homes for sale or a house you should know that it has more legal pitfalls that you should consider before you make your choice and be fooled.

It is necessary to check whether the apartment is mortgaged or anything similar to this, if the other person has any rights over that apartment, is it registered at the Agency for Real Estate with a property sheet, whether the building in which the apartment is built has a complete building license and how to acquire it from the previous owner. These and lots of other things must be considered when it comes to buying a luxurious home

On whether the apartment is mortgaged or not you can find out if you ask for a certificate from the Agency for Real Estate, but if there is recorded a mortgage or other similar thing that you see in the property list, that home is not for you.

Buying a luxurious house is a huge, important and expensive thing in the life of every person which will depend on the quality of our own lives in the future. For that when buying a house it is very important to check all the possible factors that could affect the comfort of your future life and the lives of your family. Here are some of the most important things that we should be careful to check before making the final decision:


Why are they selling the house?

How long is it on the market place?

Is the price fixed, or can I negotiate?

The location of the apartment:

Whether the environment is quiet

Are there café, discos, a company or something noisy near the house?

Pollution (is there a nearby factory, brewery, zoo, etc.).

Is the house facing the street?

What about the traffic on the street?

How close is it to the medical center, supermarkets, schools, kindergartens?


What kind of building materials were used?

– It the object a healthy place to live in (no moisture, cracks caused by subsidence of soil, etc.).

– If the building is much older – installations if the building is renovated and when?

The structure and quality of the apartment:

The rooms and the quadrature

Is there a basement and / or other rooms

Is there a pantry in the house or a similar facility outside of it?

Do you have rooms that are of transient type (to get into a room must pass through another room).

The size of small rooms – can they collect double bed, desk, etc.

How many square meters of the house do hallways and corridors take and whether it is possible to install closets or something similar

Is the apartment to its original state or was it modified by the owner / reconstructed something in it

If there are terraces – how much are there, how is the view