Planning a wedding can certainly be overwhelming with tons of different elements that need to be organised all within a short space of time. One such element is your all-important wedding invitations. The first official introduction to your big day, invitations will set your guests expectations for your wedding. So to help you navigate the world of wedding invites and to ensure you make the best first impression for your big day, Giant Invitations have put together their top 5 wedding invitation guidelines.

Flower Laser Cut wedding Invitation

1. Always ask questions if you are unsure about anything and read FAQ pages when ordering your wedding invitations online. You need complete transparency on how the order process will progress before committing to anything. This means finding out how long your invites will take from design to production and determining whether it will fit within your wedding schedule. It is no good picking your ideal wedding invite only to then realise it won’t be ready with enough time to spare before your big day as such finding out turnaround times should be one of the first things you do.

2. It is essential that you understand what can and can’t be changed on your invitation before you place an order to ensure you are completely happy with the final design. As such you should know what your colour options are and if there are any additional fees that may apply for altering the design in any way. Nobody likes hidden fees especially when planning something as grand as a wedding so take it upon yourself to ensure your wedding invitation supplier has provided you with a final set quote that cannot be modified.


3. Remember that if you are working with a strict budget that you must take into consideration postage fees and we’re not talking the delivery of your invites to you. We’re referring to you sending out your invites to your guests. Stamps don’t come cheap! So remember to keep shipping in mind because this often catches a lot of brides off guard. When selecting your invitations consider the weight of the overall package you will be sending guests. For instance the weight and size of the invite including any additional wedding stationery cards (RSVP, Wishing Well, Directions etc.)

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4. Do your research! For many wedding invitations will be a completely foreign concept so it is essential that you do some research to understand market prices and exactly what you are paying for. This will include learning different printing techniques. For instance did you know that thermography printing which leaves a luxurious raised ink effect similar to letterpress is the more economical choice between the two printing methods? Or did you know that more often than not printing guest names on your invites is an additional fee? Knowing what your quotes are based on will help you get the best deal for your wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation Font Styles

5. When it comes time to picking your fonts remember your guests actually need to be able to read the details. It’s no good picking the fanciest script font if it’s almost illegible. At the foundation your invitation is a card conveying vital information for your guests so they must be able to clearly read everything, the design element comes second. If you have your heart set on a particular font but fear it may be difficult to read why not use the font as an accent style for your names and then use a more basic font for the rest of the information. Having two different fonts can create an appealing styling element to the design of your wedding invite.