Tips on Choosing the Right Garage Door

Tips on Choosing the Right Garage Door

Fixing the right garage doors are essential factors to consider when furnishing a new home. If you’re living in an old house, the garage door may be somewhat old and unattractive; however, today, there are new doors used. Garage doors are available in a variety of sizes and structures and this avails the homeowner the opportunity to select the most appealing. With the number of garage door sizes, however, some sizes are termed “Standard” due to their high demand, ease of installation, and use. This article is an expository one to explain all about garage doors with some tips to aid selection. Here we go.

Types of Garage Doors

Garage door sizes can be generally classified into two; single and double. The major difference between these two doors is the capacity of the vehicle to allow passage. A single-sized garage door is designed to allow one car to pass through at a time, while a double-sized garage door is large enough to allow the passage of two cars per time. In terms of the width measurement, they are 8-feet and 16-feet, respectively. While this is the standard garage door width for the two types, the sizes can vary sometimes.

Other common types of garage doors are explained below:

Rolling Garage Doors

Modernization has contributed to the new invention of different things such as Garage doors. The Rolling garage door is designed to fold up like a calendar when opened. The door comes with straight boards that are curved in when the door is opened.

Tilting Garage Doors

The tilting garage doors, when opened, move up into the garage. They are not configured into moving sections to fold in when opened. The tilting garage door has different types, such as tilting canopy garage door, tilting retractable garage door, etc.; the tilting garage doors are generally costlier than others and rarely used for home garage doors.

Swing Out Garage Doors

The swing-out garage door is more of a traditional door. It is designed to swing out when open without moving sideways or upwards. They are also known as side-hinged garage doors. As its name implies, the hinges are placed sideways, and they can be modified to open outwards or inwards based on your preferences.

Why you should choose the Right Garage Door


Garage doors have a way of increasing the safety of your home. Imagine using a semi-damaged garage door, the spring may get loose, hence damaging your car. But, when choosing the replacement, you have to ensure it is durable and fit to serve its purpose.

Also, garage doors have a way of securing the home. When there is a fault in the door, criminals can tap into this to access the home and damage/cart away important items. Hence, it would be best if you choose the right garage door for improved safety in the home.

Improved Home Value

In a case where selling or renting out the home is imminent, choosing a good garage door will improve the worth of the home. No one will place a high value on a dilapidated home, thus, it is important to ensure all the home parts are standard including the garage door.

Tips to Choosing the Right Garage Door

Garage Door that matches the home

Many individuals with a taste for good interior and exterior décor have agreed to this point. When choosing a garage door, ensure the color matches that of the home. You can also decide to repaint the door, however, it will cost more. Therefore, selecting a semi-finished garage door is the best.


You have to choose the garage door style that complements the home. Although the style may fit the home, however, it may look odd after finishing. You may need an experts’ advice to get the best style for the home.


The size of the garage door is also very important. Although many homes are built to a standard, there are some exceptions. The general standard garage door width is 8 or 9-feet for a single garage door while the double garage door measures 16-feet. For the height, the common measurement is 7 feet for both single and double garage doors. Choosing the right size for the garage door will save lots of stress and the cost of return.


The garage door is one of the unnoticed parts of the home that may be left catered for, however, they have a way to contribute to the beauty and outlook of the home. It is therefore important to carefully select the best for the home.