If your doctor for the first time prescribed you Proventil aerosol, it means that you need a fast-acting inhaler to cope with bronchospasms and suffocation attacks due to asthma or other respiratory disease.

People with asthma usually require maintenance treatment with the use of long-acting inhalers and glucocorticoids in inhalers or pills, as well as such inhalers as Proventil for emergency cases. You should keep in mind that the maintenance therapy is what can minimize the number of episodes of suffocation so you mustn’t neglect it.

The therapy of asthma of COPD can be quite costly and people try to find ways to save sometimes not buying the prescribed drugs which can eventually worsen the condition. But instead of denying yourself a qualitative treatment you can opt for generic versions of the prescribed drugs. These medications have the same composition but are priced cheaper because their brands are not widely advertised. For instance, you can buy generic Proventil from RxShopMD and enjoy the same effect as from the branded Proventil because both are based on Albuterol but pay two-times less money for the inhaler. Besides, this online drugstore offers only the most qualitative and popular generics and sells them without prescriptions.

The indications for Proventil use are diseases in which bronchospasms occur:

  • Asthma;
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease including chronic bronchitis, lung emphysema, and others.
  • The inhaler can be offered in different forms, i.e. capsules for inhalations, aerosol inserted to the inhaler. You should consult your doctor about the optimal form of Albuterol for your case and especially if you need the medication for your kids because there are different contraindications. Some forms of the formulation are prohibited for kids aged 2 years and others can be used only in kids aged older than 4 years.

Contraindications and precautions for Proventil use

It is prohibited to use the inhaler if you are intolerant of the active substance. You shouldn’t buy Proventil for your child without first consulting a doctor as there are different age recommendations (see the section above).

Besides the contraindications there are precautions. The formulation should be cautiously used in any diseases of the heart, hypertension, arrhythmia, and others. If you have any negative heart symptoms, consult a doctor prior to using Albuterol.